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Fall in Love with the Perfect
Salt Spring Island Wedding Venue

Duck Creek Farm
For Your Perfect Ssi Wedding...

Welcome to Duck Creek Farm, where dreams of an enchanting outdoor wedding comes to life with the picturesque landscapes of a perfect Salt Spring wedding venue. I'm Sue Earle, and along with my family, we are delighted to open our farm gates for couples seeking the perfect blend of rustic charm and natural elegance. Nestled on Salt Spring Island, one of the Gulf Islands in beautiful British Columbia, our farm stands as a testament to the serene beauty that defines outdoor wedding venues.

As stewards of this enchanting haven, we've had the pleasure of hosting a myriad of love stories, offering a unique charm setting it apart from conventional wedding venues, seamlessly blending the rustic allure of a farm with the untamed tranquil beauty of outdoor surroundings. 

Our farm has been witness to unique celebrations both grand and intimate, and each time, we've marvelled at the beauty that unfolds when love meets the great outdoors. We understand the importance of personalized moments, and take pride in being more than just a venue; we're partners in creating memories that last a lifetime.

Our commitment to ensuring your day is as seamless as it is beautiful means you have access to a range of amenities, from a dedicated farm staff to picturesque settings for photography, including our furnished tipi and walk-in campground. Welcome to the Salt Spring Island wedding venue where your dreams take root and bloom amidst the tranquil landscapes of Duck Creek Farm.

We hope to hear from you soon!

~ Sue Earle

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Enjoy The Benefits of a

Picturesque Backdrop,

Romantic Atmosphere,


Minimal Decoration Required,





Connection with the Outdoors


Size of Your Group.

Duck Creek Farm is your gateway to a magical and intimate wedding experience on Salt Spring Island. Our outdoor wedding venue offers a blank slate for your celebration, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Gulf Islands.

Located on 13 acres, with gardens, greenhouses, fruit trees - and five acres of forested land, the unique features and benefits of Duck Creek Farm set it apart from other wedding venues as the perfect choice for couples seeking a unique and enchanting venue for their memorable day...

"Nature is often associated with renewal and new beginnings. Choosing a natural setting for your wedding can symbolize the start of a new chapter in your life, filled with growth, harmony, and natural beauty." 

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